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Anthony Van Hoven


At first glance, Anthony van Hoven appears to be the quintessential Dutch male but ironically his two primary languages are Spanish and English. At a young age he started helping out in his family’s greenhouse. The majority of the agricultural workers were Latino and he found that they shared a lot of common interests. Anthony submerged himself in the Latin American culture and achieved many victories playing soccer with his coworkers.

Anthony studied Business Administration at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. During his breaks from college he continued to work at Battlefield Farms. When he graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in 2001, he went straight to work at the greenhouse. Eventually he became Production manager and gained the respect and admiration of his employees. Throughout his life, Anthony has been promoting equality and cultural diversity at work and on the playing field. He loves his family but also treats his employees as if they are part of his family.

In 2010 Anthony married Christina Lacy and they have two beautiful children. His oldest child often begs to come to work with Daddy. He is a proud father and enjoys spending time with his family on the farm. Anthony is excited to share Battlefield Farms with the next generation of van Hovens.

Anthony’s childhood memories of his family’s mission in Haiti made a big impact on his life. He remembers the gratitude and joy of the people he helped. They were elated to have a pair of shoes or a peanut butter jelly sandwich to eat. Something simple we may take for granted could make all the difference to someone in need. These experiences and his compassion for others have been the driving force behind his mission work. Anthony has expanded from the mission in Haiti and with other family and colleagues he is building a mission in Guatemala to help the Latino culture he has grown to love.