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Jerry Van Hoven


Gerrit van Hoven, known by his colleagues and friends as “Jerry” is the CEO and founder of Battlefield Farms Inc. His story is another example of the “American Dream” where an immigrant came to the “Land of Opportunity” and achieved prosperity through faith and hard work. Born in the Netherlands, Jerry came to the United States in 1971 and found his niche in the agricultural market. His business savvy and Dutch work ethic propelled him forward in the US agricultural economy.

Jerry is married to Aplonia “Lona” van Wingerden and in this union, he was introduced to one of the most successful families of Greenhouse Growers on the East Coast. He learned from the wisdom and experiences of his father-in-law, Aart van Wingerden, and was able to create his own legacy that he could pass onto his children.

When they started their family, Jerry and Lona were drawn to give to those in need. They took the kids to Haiti for 3 years and worked on the Mission, “Double Harvest”, with his father-in-law, for more information see ( The work consisted of growing tomatoes and teaching the Haitian people about farming and God’s love. When they were ready, they ventured back to the United States to start their own enterprise.

It was under Jerry’s ownership that Battlefield Farms Inc. grew from a meager 6 acres of plastic hoop house, when he purchased it in 1990, to a sprawling 40 acres of glass and plastic greenhouse and 20 acres of outdoor mum field in 2011. His vision was to create a legacy that he could pass on to his eight children. As the years have gone by, he has been blessed by a large family and a successful enterprise. Although most of his sons have a role in the greenhouse industry, he is proud that his two boys, Anthony and Bobby, purchased Battlefield Farms in 2012 and will continue his vision.

Jerry and the van Hoven family continue to stay committed to the mission statement of Battlefield Farms Inc.

Mission Statement

Battlefield Farms Inc. is dedicated to glorifying God, to bring honor to His name, and to reflect His character in our work and deeds. We strive to show this in our dealing with the people we come in contact, by helping the less fortunate in our community, and in our outreach to third world countries.