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Horticultural Internships at Battlefield Farms

If you are on track to completing an Associates or Bachelor’s degree in Horticulture or Plant Science and would like to gain some real hands on experience in a commercial production greenhouse, this is the internship program for YOU!  We have internships ranging from 3 – 12 months and are willing to work with you to get your career in the Horticultural field to BLOSSOM!  Our program includes:

  • Training in plant propagation
  • Finished annual and holiday plant growing
  • Finished perennial growing
  • Research and Development including trialing new genetics
  • Integrated Pest Management

We have interns that have discovered that they LOVE growing and have come back to work with Battlefield Farms as Assistant Growers post-graduation.  When it comes to landing the right job, sometimes the actual experience speaks more to the recruiter than the credit hours on the college transcripts.  Completion of an internship program will give YOU the skills and experience to set your resume apart from the other in this highly competitive job market.

Contact for more information on horticultural internships.


Quotes from former interns:

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time working at Battlefield Farms.  Making the decision to apply for this program has been the greatest decision I have made in my life.  Not only have I learned a lot, I have become assured of the career path I wish to take on my return to the UK.  My time in the US has also involved so many experiences outside of work that I will never forget, and I have met some amazing people too.  I would strongly recommend the program to any post graduate, it really is an experience worth having.”  – Tom Watkins, Horticulture Foundation Degree, Askham Bryan College, completed 9 months in Horticulture Internship

“When I was accepted into the internship program at Battlefield Farms, I was beyond excited!  It was a chance for me to get hands-on experience while learning from highly skilled growers.  I spent time in Propagation, Finished Annuals, Finished Perennials, and Research and Development, working under a different grower in each department.  Everyone helped to foster an environment of learning.  I was encouraged to ask questions and expected to apply my newfound knowledge while on the job.  I was constantly facing new challenges and my work environment was filled with beauty.  It was very fulfilling to see a new plug grow to a finished plant that was shipped out for retail.  Thank you, Battlefield Farms, for helping me to decide to become a grower.”  – Jennifer Desormeaux, B.S. Environmental Horticulture, expected Dec. 2018, Virginia Tech, completed 17 weeks in Horticulture Internship, future Full Time Asst Grower at Battlefield Farms

“…thank you for allowing me the opportunity to work here at Battlefield Farms.  I really appreciate you taking that extra step in finding me a place to stay.  It takes a kind yet patient individual to do such a thing.  This company is filled with so many things to learn and I am very excited to be here to have that chance to become a better grower.  Thanks a bunch!”  – Sanitra Lawrence, B.S. in Horticulture with a concentration in Floriculture and Ornamental Horticulture, Mississippi State University, completed 3 months internship, currently employed as Full Time Asst Grower