About Us

Battlefield Farms, Inc. is a state of the art, automated facility located in central Virginia that produces a diverse plant product line. Battlefield Farms, Inc. is now 45 acres of covered production area and approximately 20 acres of outdoor production area. Utilization of an environmental computer to constantly monitor and adjust the greenhouse environment, individualized soil mixing on-site, and the ability to choose from drip line irrigation, ebb and flood flooring, or boom watering systems, all give Battlefield Farms, Inc. enough flexibility to ensure that the optimum environment is provided for each variety of plant that we grow.

Company Overview

Battlefield Farms, Inc. is a commercial greenhouse that supplies hanging baskets, bedding plants, decorative planters, or holiday plants to our retail vendors. If you are a retail outlet and looking to assemble a unique set of products and programs designed to meet your needs, please contact us.

23190 Clarks Mountain Rd,
Rapidan, Virginia 22733

(800) 722-0744