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Company History

Battlefield Farms was established in 1990, initially as a hydroponic plastic range of 6.5 acres. Jerry van Hoven purchased the business and brought a vision of what today is over 40 acres of production, laid out carefully for opportunities for expansion and with the commitment to replant natural areas after construction to retain the natural beauty of the site. Jerry’s large family have all worked in the business, with Anthony, Bobby, Bill, Ben and Ken still involved in various roles as well as Jerry himself. The entire team has a commitment to quality which is readily apparent in visiting the greenhouses.

Company Overview

Battlefield Farms, Inc. is a state of the art, automated facility located in central Virginia that produces a diverse plant product line year-round. Battlefield Farms, Inc. is now 45 acres of covered production area and approximately 20 acres of outdoor production area. Utilization of an environmental computer to constantly monitor and adjust the greenhouse environment, individualized soil mixing on-site, and the ability to choose from drip line irrigation, ebb and flood flooring, or boom watering systems, all give Battlefield Farms, Inc. enough flexibility to ensure that the optimum environment is provided for each variety of plant that we grow.

Whether you are looking for hanging baskets, bedding plants, decorative planters, or holiday plants, Battlefield Farms, Inc. can supply all of your plants. Our friendly staff is always ready to help you assemble a unique set of products and programs, specifically designed to meet your needs.

With a full fleet of trucks, Battlefield Farms, Inc. delivers annuals, perennials and poinsettias to retail outlets in the mid-Atlantic region.

Meet Our Team

Jerry Van Hoven


Gerrit van Hoven, known by his colleagues and friends as “Jerry” is the CEO and founder of Battlefield Farms Inc. His story is another example of the “American Dream” where an immigrant came to the “Land of Opportunity” and achieved prosperity through faith and hard work.

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Anthony Van Hoven


At first glance, Anthony van Hoven appears to be the quintessential Dutch male but ironically his two primary languages are Spanish and English. At a young age he started helping out in his family’s greenhouse. The majority of the agricultural workers were Latino and he found that they shared a lot of common interests.

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Bobby Van Hoven


Bobby van Hoven is the unpretentious type of American Farmer. He believes in a hard day’s work and is not afraid to get some red Virginia clay on his boots. A stereotypical country boy, he loves all things mechanical such as trucks, tractors, and construction.

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