Annuals/Holiday Plants


Our early Spring line here at Battlefield Farms, Inc. includes potted products such as Osteospermum, Pansy, Pericallis, and Ranunculus in 4” to 10” sizes. These are generally available through March.

Throughout the remaining Spring season and into early Summer, we offer a wide variety of annuals in many sizes. From 10 06 bedding flats to attractive 12” patio pots, and many sizes in between, Battlefield Farms, Inc. can supply you with consistently high-quality product.

We also offer hanging baskets in single sun and shade varieties and in attractive combination baskets, as well as oval window box containers and 10” color bowls.

Battlefield Farms, Inc. has hardy garden mums available starting in July through October in a wide variety of colors and ranging in size from 4” to 12”.  In addition to mums, our Fall Program also includes items such as Asters, Montauk Daisy, Fall Pansies and decorative Kale.  In addition to our 45 acres of in-door growing capacity, we also have 30 acres of outdoor growing space for our hardy fall mums!

Holiday Plants

Our pre-spring kick-off starts with our Easter Lilies. We grow over 425,000 Easter Lilies in various sizes. This equates to about 5 acres of plants – making us one of the top Easter Lily growers on the East Coast.  In addition to the Easter Lilies, we also produce 6.2 million bulb plants for the Easter Celebration. These include Daffodils, Hyacinths and Tulips. We select these from Holland on a yearly basis and is overseen by our Founder, Jerry van Hoven.

Battlefield Farms, Inc. offers a beautiful selection of Poinsettias and Waxt Amaryllis for the Christmas holiday. We grow all of the most popular varieties in sizes to fit most any program. Our sales team would be happy to see what we can grow for you.


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